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Twas the Night After Unity
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the lair
Not an Assassin’s was creeping not even Altair.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hope that the new Assassin, Arno, would soon be there.
Assassin’s slept peacefully waiting for night to turn over
Except for Edward who’s nursing a hangover.
And Aveline in her slumber and I in my hood
Had turned in for the night like some Assassin’s would.
When up on the roof I heard a pitter patter
I rose with a weapon to see what was the matter.
Away to the rooftops and my feet began to dash
My tomahawk reflecting moonlight with a flash
When what to my sights my eyes did see
A silhouette in the wind, oh who could it be?
With outstretched arms, he leap from the roof
Falling into a bush, leaves rising with a poof
I knew it was Dorian, the curiosity caught his eye
Because he asked, ‘For this Christmas, can I give Pere Noel a try?’
The sound of horse’s footstep echoed into the night
A satche
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Cage Without a Raven
I entered the visitor’s room with concern. A lobby painted with white and hints of black welcomed me. People sat in the black leather chairs, reading magazines and having conversations with each other. I approached the desk where a tall, brawny man looked down on me. ‘Can I help you?’ He said in a voice full of power. He was dressed like a soldier, tainted in black ink. His hair was slick back and dyed a fiery red. ‘I’d like to visit Damien.’ I said. He was silent as he stood up and walked out from behind the desk, handing me a clipboard with the names of previous visitors. ‘Sign here.’ He said, sternly. I grabbed the pen, signed my name, and we made our way through the gray door.
I walked down the hall. When you entered the prison, you would expect to be surrounded by stone walls and doors with metal bars. I didn’t see that. Instead, it was a smooth white wall and the cell doors were glass. You would think that you’d see peop
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A Close Friend's Monologe
Fatigue. Tiredness. Sleepy. Three of the many words used to describe this feeling of desiring sleep. Fatigue never bothered me. It was more of a nusence instead of a tempstress massaging my shoulders and playing a music box in my ear. I could always go days without sleep, or in some cases the day I do drift off to a nighttimes rest, I would always wake up at 3, maybe 4, or even 5 the morning just to catch up on the progress in some of my work.
It was quiet. So quiet that I could hear ever single creak and squeak of the floor. The night sky outside my window was clear. Clear enough for me to count every star, to connect the dots of every constellation that gazed at me from above. Oh, how I loved the sight of the stars that remind me of the city I lived in when I was a tiny boy.
Oh, Je’taime Paris.
Ever since my parents moved to the states when I was only 2,I never remembered what I did or where I lived in the City of Romance and hasn’t been back ever since, but oh, ho
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Forbidden Romance
Sitting in his cell, he reflected on his memories before this moment. His cell was cold stone that surround him like an overwhelming shadow. Manacles chaffed and chipped away at his wrist and skin. His once elegant, lace wrapped clothing was now a pure white shirt and brown pants. His hair was a mess instead of neat and clean. How did he get himself in this situation? He did nothing to deserve the sentence he got. His family was crying. His mother devastated. His father outraged. His sister baffled and screaming. He can hear the whole ordeal playing out like a play.
‘You can fool him with that face, but you cannot fool me. Arrest him.’
The image of a man flashed in his mind, his cerulean eyes filling with tears. The crown adorned with crosses and fleur de Lis fell to the title floor as he feel to his knee still gripping the hand of his love.
‘No! He can’t! He did nothing of the sort! Let him go, please!’
The castle doors were slammed in the p
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Go ahead and leave me you yell, your eyes burning with disbelief.
Standing there, a hand on my chest.
Thinking whether it was right or debating if it was wrong.
My hair a mess, yours neat and pulled back.
This feeling of regret consuming my mind.
Tearing off the string that one bound us when no one reached to us.
I was doused in irritation while you were seething in anger.
I want to remember the smiles we had, the secrets.
A heart has been shattered and a flame now burns it.
What did I do?
Leaning against a wall, a broken mess, screaming as I realize my mistake.
Regret continues to laugh in my face, but I throw him to the floor.
I see you on that stage, feeling undeserving.
Can you see me? Cause I can see you.
I reach to you, but I can’t feel your hand.
You smile when you see me.
My tears staining my coat, and yours staining your gloves.
A blue and white embrace. A regretful sorrow.
I’m glad to know we can mend this ribbon.
What can we do to repair this shattered heart?
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Rise of Rebellion
Today is when we rise.
Today is when we make a stand.
Now is the time to shout our displeasure with the corrupt and bring back our sound.
Standing behind a blacken solider, they roar and growl for righteousness.
Standing atop a black stool stands a warrior and her ally.
Metal pick in her hand and a flowing black hate around her shoulders.
She scraps and tears the metal collar off her neck, crushing its chains under her spiked boot.
A battered brother, shattered by the long imprisonment and the tormenting silence that breaks him.
Her mentor, a tall solider living in silence for hours before finally snapping.
She played the chord that stirs their blood, and the riff that scratches their skin.
Her people repressed and her friends tormented and broken.
Now is the time to yell.
Now you can scream and growl.
Along her silver tongue and burning pick, nothing can destroy her rebellion.
‘Now our day of rebellion is here. If we crumble, they will crumble with us!’
The angered
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Winter's Beauty
Lying on the white sheets as crystals fall from the night’s dress.
My coat sprinkled with white stars and the cold wind whispers softly in my ear.
The jewels spark and wink at me as I continue to gaze.
I smile softly.
The white cape draped over my shoulders sparkled in Athena’s light.
As I wander though the crystal palace to my pearl throne
Chimes call to me, playing beside their crystal brethren.
My eyelashes were decorated with jewels
And my hair is intertwined with white flowers, given to me by Jack Frost.
The crystal dance hand in hand with one another
Forever embraced in an eternal love.
The wind plays a light hearted tune in honor of their guest.
The snowflakes take my hand and lead me to the throne.
White flowers wink and smile once more before I leave my ballroom.
As I sit and admire winter’s beauty.
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Call of Christmas Part I
The town of Fallendale was wrapped in a blanket of white. White confetti sprinkled onto the bustling town while the people laughed and chatted with their friends and family. Green, red, white, and gold decorated the town and bells jingled in excitement for the Christmas holiday.
‘Try not to get hurt, Isis.’ Alexia said. She wore her hair in a ponytail, tied with a red and green striped ribbon. Jeans sheltered her legs and a green shirt with a red and white striped long sleeved shirt underneath protected her upper body. ‘Don’t worry, Lexi. I’ll be fine.’ She said. She placed the crystal star on top of the tree and stepped off of the stool, smiling proudly at the lit tree. ‘This looks awesome. And the rest of the house looks just as good.’ Isis said. She had her hair down and out with a green hair pin in her hair. A white blouse covered her torso and jeans protected her legs. ‘Hey guys, I made peppermint hot chocolate.’ A light
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Party Mishaps ~Halloween at Castle Oblivion~
‘Luxord!’ I shouted, barging into the main hall. The hall was painted in orange and black. Bats hung from the main hall’s ceiling. The fames of doors wrapped with black garland with tiny pumpkins that gave off hints of orange. Marluxia was standing on a ladder placing black and orange lanterns above a table. Some were covered with a black table cloth; others were covered with an orange one. Marluxia wore a white dress shirt with a pink vest, black pants and matching shoes. A black cape with the inside the same pink color as his vest rested on his shoulders. ‘Marluxia,’ I said sternly. He nearly lost his balance accidently dropping the spider web covered lantern. ‘Oh, hey Lexia. Next time, don’t yell at me like that.’ He said, stepping down from the ladder. ‘Where’s Luxord?’ I said, tapping my foot impatiently. He pointed to the living room door, ‘He went in there with Larxene and Zexion. He mentioned something abou
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Evil Tyranny
He sat smirking while the people suffer.
Living only to serve him were the roles the people played.
Wrapped in tainted silk and showered with bloody gold.
A gory crown placed upon one’s head.
A stained cape draped over scared shoulders
Those whose voice spoke against were ripped and shredded.
That were eventually burned by the fury of the demon.
A lone soul draped in righteous blue.
Sliced hands painted in the blood of innocents.
Being forced to slice the throats of ‘corruption’ and ‘demons’.
Evil and mischievous whispers float into her ears, ‘Kill’, ‘Evil’, ‘Righteous’, ‘Corrupt’.
They giggle and laugh at her misery and pain.
A swirling hate pulsed and scorched at her heart.
‘I won’t forgive you for this!’
Slicing the fiery strands, she discards the rusted chains and now wields a hateful blade.
People listened to the words of the darkened dove, once caged by unjust and greed.
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Life Soundtrack Meme
*~* RULES *~*
[1] Get out / open your music player (iPod, MP3 Player, etc.) / music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player etc.).
[2] Put it on shuffle.
[3] Press forward / the next button for each theme.
[4] Use the song title as the answer to each theme, even if it doesn't make sense.
[5] Bold the theme (Opening Credits, Waking Up, etc.), italicize the answers, and give your own comments in the parenthesis on how it relates to the prompt.
.::. Opening Credits .::.
Welcome to the Family- Avenged Sevenfold.
(Sounds fitting, but weird if you listen to the lyrics.)
.::. Your Theme .::.
Here’s a Little Something for Ya VS. The Number Song- DJ Shadow vs. Beastie Boys
(Cool! Unexpected, but cool!)
.::. Waking Up .::.
Lee Majors Come Again Vs. Da Funk- Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk
(An mashup that I would blast to get myself in a good mood? I’m us
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Cannon's Core poster by SilverBlade234 Cannon's Core poster :iconsilverblade234:SilverBlade234 8 14


071.220.113 by Yeraa 071.220.113 :iconyeraa:Yeraa 291 21 Wonder Woman by NoFlutter Wonder Woman :iconnoflutter:NoFlutter 820 25 Mobster Loki Copic Portrait by Mistiqarts Mobster Loki Copic Portrait :iconmistiqarts:Mistiqarts 371 21 Heroines in da Club by CerberusLives Heroines in da Club :iconcerberuslives:CerberusLives 407 38 Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Steven Universe :iconstampsnstuff:stampsnstuff 3,054 237 Scar [Human Version] by chetom Scar [Human Version] :iconchetom:chetom 1,297 195 Disney Girls - Genderbend by juliajm15 Disney Girls - Genderbend :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 14,874 1,047 Elsa Genderbent by NeoRuki Elsa Genderbent :iconneoruki:NeoRuki 1,727 133 ROBIN by fatalis-unus ROBIN :iconfatalis-unus:fatalis-unus 3,178 256 Avengers' hearts - Loki by JaneWeller Avengers' hearts - Loki :iconjaneweller:JaneWeller 9 0 MOC Vigor by ShinzuiKisaragi MOC Vigor :iconshinzuikisaragi:ShinzuiKisaragi 59 15 AU-Elrond-Thranduil by royacc AU-Elrond-Thranduil :iconroyacc:royacc 106 9 Thranduil by kagalin Thranduil :iconkagalin:kagalin 3,089 90 KH - Heart of an Assassin Pt. 4 by Nijuuni KH - Heart of an Assassin Pt. 4 :iconnijuuni:Nijuuni 3,402 265 Team Edward... Kenway. by ElvenWhiteMage Team Edward... Kenway. :iconelvenwhitemage:ElvenWhiteMage 445 234


Is anyone else excited for Persona 5?
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United States
I'm a huge nerd.Playing video games,watching anime,reading manga is what I do sometimes in my spare time.However,being a fan of vocaloids its kinda of lonely here in ohio.

I love Vampire Knight.Its filled with drama,horror,and VAMPIRES!!!

I love cake,cake is awesome.Like strawberries. Then again, who doesn't?

I love heavy metal and death metal.Whenever I'm supposed to come up with something for poetry or a story,I listen to metal to get the idea train rolling.

I have absolutely no shame in expressing myself. I won't hide it or deny it. If I'm wearing a fandom shirt, you have every right to talk to me about it.

Current Residence: Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Heavy/death metal,techo,J-rock
Favourite style of art: Manga,Realstic
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Yu Kanda,Sasuke,etc.
Personal Quote: 'You respect my opinion, I'll respect yours.'
Is anyone else excited for Persona 5?
  • Listening to: Mass Destruction
  • Reading: Eon
  • Watching: N/A


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